NOV. 14-17, 2017 | Sheraton Saigon Hotel & Towers | Ho Chi Minh City - Viet Nam

Invitation to Participate

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the 15th ASEAN Food Conference, which will be held in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. We invite scientists, technologists, professionals, students, stakeholders in the food industry and other related industries, food business owners and managers, and those who are interested in food science and technology to participate in this learning and discussing platform that will feature the latest research topics, results, innovations, and applications in the region.

The conference theme "Food Science and Technology: Integration for AEC Sustainable Development" is indeed relevant and timely in light of the ongoing preparation toward regional economic integration as declared in the AEC Blueprint and in The ASEAN Plan of Action on Science, Technology and Innovation (APASTI) for period 2016-2025.

The purpose of this conference is to highlight significant developments in research and innovations in food science and technology with an emphasis on food products innovation, to promote ASEAN cooperation and integration in order to strengthen food science and technology in each Member States and in the whole region. Aside from food technology advancement and food innovation, possible solutions to tackle issues in ASEAN food economy such as technical barriers to trade, regulation harmonization, food service and entrepreneurship, food safety policies and food security, consumer trends and climate change and impacts on the food sector will also be explored.

We encourage all participants to make the most of this opportunity to enrich and advance their knowledge of food science, technology, innovation, industry and education, and to network and explore collaboration opportunities with other delegates at AFC-2017.



Organizing Committee

Conference Topics

Food Science (Food Chemistry, Food Biochemistry Food Physics, Food Microbiology and Food Analysis)

Food Technology (Food Processing, Food Biotechnology, Food Packaging)

Food Storage and Preservation (Postharvest handling, Minimally Processed Fruits, Food Contamination, Freezing and Drying of Foods and Crops)

Nutrition, Health and Wellness (Food quality, Food Ingredients, Nutrient Bioavailability, Functions of Food, Halal Food)

Food Engineering and Automation (Engineering Properties of Foods, Packaging Design, Process Monitoring, Methodological and instrumental developments, design and operation of food processes, plant and equipment)

Food Product Development andInnovation (Food Marketing and Management, Food Sensory, Food Consumer Trend, Gastronomy, Traditional development of Functional Foods)

Food and Economy (Food Laws, Food Security, Regulations and Policies, Food Safety and Policies, Food Service and Entrepreneurship, Multilateral Agreements)

Education and Training


Conference Organizers

Vietnam Institute of Agricultural Engineering & Postharvest Technology (VIAEP)

Vietnam Association of Food Science and Technology (VAFoST)

Conference Steering Advisers

Le Quoc Doanh, Vice Minister of Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development

Tran Quoc Khanh, Vice Minister of Ministry of Science & Technology

Ngo Tien Hien, President of Vietnam VAFoST

Pham Anh Tuan, Director General of VIAEP

Conference Chairmanship

Chairman: Nguyen Duy Duc, Vice Director General, VIAEP

Co-Chairman: Luu Duan, Vice President of VAFoST

Vice-Chairman: Nguyen Duy Lam, Vietnam Focal Point in ASEAN SCFST

Vice-Chairman: Dinh Thi Tam, Vice Director General, VIAEP

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