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Food Quiz Bowl Guidelines

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Food Quiz Bowl Guidelines


The Food Quiz Bowl is a question and answer competition of knowledge and quick recall. The question will cover topics in the field of Food Science and Technology. This competition is to recognize and support the intellectual achievement of students and to promote the value of teamwork in their group  participation.


-  To encourage the students participation in activities organized at the ASEAN level.

-  To facilitate interaction among undergraduate students in the field of Food Science. and Technology  from the different ASEAN member countries.

-  To boost the knowledge of students in the fields of study.

-  To provide a platform to engage in a friendly competition.


-  Each participating team will be nominated by a recognized food science and technology association in their own ASEAN member country. Only ONE team is allowed  from each ASEAN member country.

-  Each team shall comprise of four students from an institute and/or a different institutes of higher learning of the nominating country.

-  Each contestant must be one of the following to qualify and a copy of their student card with the identification number must be submitted as proof evidence:

+      A current student enrolled in a food science, food technology, food engineering or food science and technology programme at an institute of higher learning that he/she presenting OR

+      A 2017 graduate from an institute of higher learning from a programme listed in 3.3.1.



+ Preliminary round:

  • All teams undergo the first round of Question and Answer (Q & A).
  • Each team must be answer a total  of 20 questions.
  • Each Question has a multi choice of possible and answer A, B, C, D.
  • The top of three teams will enter the final round.

Final Round:

  • Three teams will enter the final round of (Q & A).
  • All scores obtain through the preliminary round will be discarded and team will be judged an independently for the final round.
  • Each team must answer a total of  20 questions.
  • Each Question has a multi choice of possible and answer A, B, C, D.
  • There award will be given based on the ranking of the total scores for the final round, namely: Champion, first runner up and the second runner up.

- Tie breaker questions will be posed at the end of any competition round to determine the winner should there be tie among the teams


-      The question will be flashed on a screen and read out once by the EMCEE.

-      Each team will flash the correct answer

-      The answer is considered final once displayed

-      Each team must answer

-      Contestant who misbehaves or disrupts the competition will be warned. A second violation will result in that contestant being disqualified from the competition.

-      If there is any question or doubt about an answer, it shall be clarified before proceeding to the next step

-      The judges’ decisions are final once given


-      Two points will be credited for each correct answer, one point deducted for one incorrect answer and no mark for no answer

-      Each the end of each round, the score will be announced

-      The team with the highest overall points in the final round will WIN the ASEAN food quiz bowl competition



Question will be based on the four categories:

-      Food safety systems (GMP, HACCP …) and international food laws and regulation

-      Base food science (physical, chemical, microbiological, food analysis, sensory evaluation)

-      Applied food science (food preservation/processing, thermal processing

-      Food and human nutrition



-      Moderator/Emcee

The moderator/emcee will be an appointed person who is responsible for running the competition and possesses good English pronunciation to read the question and announce the correct answer.

-      Judges

There shall be three or five judges who are experts in each question category. Judge shall not be from the same country as the competing teams. The decision of the Judges shall be final once given.

-      Score – keeper

A score – keeper shall keep track of the answer and encode in the computer. Any dispute to the score – keeper’s accuracy will be referred to the judges, whose ruling will be final.

-      Time – keeper

The time – keeper shall keep track of the time elapsed between the final reading of the question and the given answering time.






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Accompanying Staff – in - charge


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