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ASEAN Best Product Award Guidelines

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ASEAN Best Product Award Guidelines


This is the conference’s platform for each of the participating countries to show case native product innovation. Established in 2000, the AFC convenes annually and unites the ASEAN member countries with the same purpose guide consumers to the best F & B products in the market and reward manufactures for quality and innovation. It also aims to increase product trial, awareness, distribution and sales.


  • This showcase accepts entries every year from each ASEAN country that demonstrate innovation and outstanding use of indigenous raw materials.
  • Entered products may come from any category of the food and beverage industry of the ASEAN member country and will be nominated by a recognized food science and technology association in their own country.
  • Each ASEAN member country may showcase up to a maximum of three products for the First, Second and Third Prize of “ASEAN Best Product”. However only one product will be awarded the First Prize per country as nominated for all of three by their respective FIFSTA adhering body.


Entered products must be chracterized by one of the following to qualify:

  • Any food or beverage product manufactured in ASEAN member countries.
  • Any food or beverage product comprised of more than 50% of domestic indigenous raw materials.
  • Any food or beverage product that have not been featured previously in AFCs.


  • Entered products will be separately allocated with a suitable booth for their display (product + visuals).
  • Schedule of ingress and egress to follow.